Powerpact Komen Team Logo

Powerpact Komen Team Logo

Komen was a major client when I worked at Powerpact. I wanted the logo to convey the partnership we had with the client, solidarity with the race participants, and, of course, the ubiquitous pink ribbon.

Designer: Catherine McGovern

Image of Lola Beauty Supply Logo

Lola Beauty Supply

This was originally part of series of logos I created for a hip, fashion-forward hair stylist. Although it didn't make the final cut, I had a soft spot for it. When I had to create an e-commerce site for a class, I was inspired to resurrect it. Thus, Lola Beauty Supply was born, a one-stop shop for the latest modern salon decor.

Designer: Catherine McGovern

Image of Cinema Emanu-El Logo

Cinema Emanu-El Logo

Each summer Temple Emanu-El puts on a summer film series known as Cinema Emanu-El. The logo needed to evoke the films' Jewish focus.

Client: Temple Emanu-El
Designer: Catherine McGovern
Comm. Director: Dana Moffatt

Image of North Star Winery Logo

North Star Winery Logo

Logo for an upscale winery in Grapevine, Texas.

Designer: Catherine McGovern
Professor: Karen Dorff

Image of Ram Communications Logo

Ram Communications Logo

Ram Communications provides computer networking services for small businesses. The logo evokes connections between individual machines and workstations. It also conveys the dynamic nature of networks and the company's technical savvy.

Designer: Catherine McGovern
Professor: Albert Choi