Catherine McGovern

I'm currently pursuing the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics at West Texas A&M Univerity to take my career in new directions through mastery of additional skills, new knowledge and its application.

My forays into web design over the years, have made me eager to advance my skill set. I believe that practice as a “maker” and “user” will enable me to make better strategic decisions in a business environment – especially in regard to technology and data. These skills-oriented experiences give the student greater facility and confidence in selecting the best solutions to solve information technology problems and ultimately make the graduate a better mentor and able to make more informed hiring decisions.

My time as a graphic designer has given me a keen interest in the analysis of information and the assessment of data as well as the visual presentation and interpretation of that data. Additionally, making sense of “big data” within a business context and the ability to harness key insights is becoming increasingly critical for businesses as they seek competitive advantage in crowded and complex market places.

Additionally, more and more, I see clearly that all businesses are, in some way, in the information and technology business.